Reliable, professional, in and out!

Reliable, regular office cleaners who don't leave a trace.

We know that in order for you to do your job effectively you need regular, reliable cleaners who just get on with the job and don't need their hands held. Our teams of experienced professional office cleaners will get on with doing their jobs thoroughly so that you can do yours!

Sunshine Cleaning is a family run business cleaning offices throughout Fleet, Farnham, Farnborough, Basingstoke & Camberley. We have weekly and monthly contracts for office cleaning.

Our regular office cleans include:

  • Vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping
  • Kitchen cleaning, washing up
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Balcony cleaning, bin bag replacement
  • Interior window cleaning (within reach)
  • Office equipment cleaning & more

It's not just the office work space we clean either. There are many communial spaces within office blocks that also need attention:

  • Communial social lounges
  • Kitchen areas and coffee posts
  • Meeting rooms and hang out rooms
  • Stairwells and entrance halls

If you have breakout rooms that need cleaning you can show us around, talking us through the detail and we'll tailor the package just for your requirements.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and your regular Sunshine Cleaning team will be more than happy to take your feedback and act upon it.

We are fully insured with public liability insurance and all of our employees are covered with employer’s liability insurance.

Of course, we provide our own cleaning equipment and make sure that the chemicles we use will not harm your furniture, pets or our staff.

Ask us how we can help you!

Where can we clean?

Areas we clean houses in include:

  • Fleet
  • Farnham
  • Farnborough
  • Basingstoke
  • Camberley
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BEST CLEANER WE HAVE HAD Liliya is a wonderful fast and efficient cleaner. Also a lovely person. Would definitely recommend her.

17 Sept 2020